Our programs


Explore our intervention programs designed to empower vulnerable women and girls.

Our intervention programs

Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Indigenous and Marginalized Women
Promotion of peace and fight against violence, discrimination, and other abuses against women
Promotion of health and sexual and reproductive rights of vulnerable and marginalized women and young girls
Formal and non-formal education for indigenous, vulnerable, and marginalized children, young girls, and women
Gender, Environment, and Adaptation of Indigenous Women and Local Communities to Climate Change.
Food and economic security of indigenous women and vulnerable households



Raising awareness and empowering women and populations targets on the principle of self-care at the local level;


Skills development (strengthening women’s capabilities beneficiaries in PIFEVA’s areas of intervention and sectors of innovation in favor of women);


Participatory Action Research (RAP);


The development of the spirit of innovation and female entrepreneurship;


The involvement and active participation of women beneficiaries in advocacy actions on Women's rights, the promotion of peace and the fight against all forms of violence against women, girls and children.


Indigenous women and girls;

Women and girls victims of gender-based violence;

Women living with HIV/AIDS;

Illiterate women;

Women and girls living with disabilities;

Low-income women;

Girls out of school and idle;

Women and girls sex workers;

Young people and children in vulnerable situations;

Women leaders and potential women leaders;

Local communities in times of conflict and post-conflict.

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