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ENVIRONMENT AND GENDER | Friday,October 1st 2021

Climate: Successful participation of Ms. Véronique Bulaya (Official Delegate and Representative of Congolese youth) at PreCOP26 and at the Youth4Climate, Driving Ambition event in Milan, Italy

On the sidelines of PreCOP26: the Youth4Climate event opened in Milan, Italy.

400 young delegates from around the world including two young people from each of the 197 member countries of the UNFCCC (United Nations Convention on Climate Change) including the DRC took part in this event on the sidelines of the Pre COP26 which took place. held September 28-30, 2021 in Milan, Italy.

The youth of the Democratic Republic of Congo was validly represented at this world climate conference by Ms. Véronique Bulaya (Coordinator of the NGO PIFEVA) for her commitment to climate and environmental justice, the mobilization of young people and indigenous women in the advocacy and the realization of multiple projects of mitigation and adaptation to climate change in South Kivu as well as of Mr. Sylvain Obedi from Goma in North Kivu.

After three days of workshops and debates, the youth of Youth4Climate met the ministers participating in the Pre COP26 and presented them with the proposals to international diplomacy (to avoid climatic and ecological disasters) during a forum held this Thursday, September 30, 2021 at the Milan Conference Center, Mico.

In her speeches, Ms. Véronique Bulaya  explained the important role that the DRC must play at COP26 and in this global climate fight because the DRC has a large forest area in the world. From this point of view, the other countries that do not have the DRC's forestry potential must contribute to the Congolese Government's programs to protect this forest and contribute to sustainable development in favor of indigenous and local populations, she continued before. to add that COP26 is an opportunity to make Congolese Forests better known to the world as one of the solutions to the problems of climate change. COP26 is a last-ditch opportunity to save the planet. World leaders will need to make concrete commitments to reduce the global temperature to 1.5 degrees Celsius and fund inclusive adaptation programs without gender discrimination.

Madame Véronique Bulaya and her fellow young delegates also called on world leaders and decision-makers to take concrete actions for the restoration of the climate and that this involves justice and inclusion for future generations.

Ms. Véronique Bulaya says she is proud to have represented and validly amplified the voice of young Congolese and particularly that of the new generation of young women and girls leaders involved in the climate fight in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Some reactions from World Leaders to the Youth4Climate Event in Milan, Italy:

1) For Italian Prime Minister Mario Draggi, we need more commitments in favor of the climate: We are aware that we must do more because the mobilization of young people has been powerful. Rest assured that we are listening to you, said the Italian Head of Government to the youth delegates gathered at the Milan conference center.

2) Briton Boris Johnson notes a need for everyone's awareness: Young people around the world are already facing the consequences of the reckless actions of the older generation, remarks the British Prime Minister following his Italian counterpart.